Saturday, July 15, 2017

july skies

July - when green turns yellow 
and the fields turn into cubicles of color 
under an open summer sky

cloud dance  
swallows crossing
evening is all up

rain arriving
like a train
headed - right here
fascinated, we stand and watch
who catches the first drop?


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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

summer of art: 100 days, documenta, and some other roads

It's a beautiful, special summer for me. Without planning to, it turned into a summer of art, of places, of newness. With short trips, and with paintings, exhbitions and own studio time. Since April I am joining the 100 days art project, and since then, I am mostly posting on my instagram page.

Now the 100 days are almost complete. I probably will continue the daily practice, and with it, the vibe of this summer of art.

Here are some of my fav moments from the last weeks:


Visiting the documenta 14 in Kassel
+ the Parthenon of forbidden book. 
So many. A reminder of the power of words. 

For some more impressions from there, try my photo slideshows:


Comic Con Germany  
The day you stand in line with Wonder Woman and Rocket Racoon....
... isn't a dream, it's Comic Con :)


Black Forest 
After the comic con weekend: time for some mountains:)


The 100 Days Project
“Click” is the name of today’ mandala. It’s #93/100 – a collage, I had fun cutting paper and trying different colors until it “clicked” into place. It’s also a good counterpart to the current work project, which is about statistics and tests (and exciting in a nerdy way).
#the100dayproject + my 100 days podcast talk


Thursday, June 8, 2017

the100dayproject, Day 66/100: a colorful milestone + creative podcast with me :)

Choose a creative theme.
And then keep going for 100 days. 

That is the idea of the 100 Day Project: simple, and difficult. A challenge of creativity and resilience.

So far, I didn't postpone a day. Some days are good, some are okay, some days bring suprise inspiration.

Today is day 66/100. It feels like a colorful milestone. The video above shows the first 25 mandalas in a slideshow. And today (in lovely timing for the 2/3-of-the-way-date) an 100 Days interview with me went online. This is part of the 100 Creatives Podcast series, and it features questions and answers about creativity, inspiriation, and my 100 days project :)

Here are some more links, to celebrate: 
About my 100 days: 

The plan is to experiment with the process: combine painting and mixed media, and also collage elements and digital processes.

Plus, as mandalas are symbols of positivity and gratitude, and as I felt a bit low in the last weeks moodwise, I am combining the theme with gratitude.


My new website:

Since a longer while, I plan to update / relaunch my website.
It probably isn't just coincidence that I worked on that parallel to the 100daysproject.

There are still some things I want to add, and so it's still a work in progress (like almost all things), but it's online now:

: )

Monday, June 5, 2017

harlequin beach memory, or: to be at the ocean now

on this cold and rainy June day, some sunny ocean memories, both in photos, and in a short story based on a real journey:


He stayed in the car while she went to the hotel. That’s the way they always did it. He staying, she searching.

This time it was easy. The door was locked, but there was a sign saying “chambres à louer” – rooms to rent. Just some minutes later, the receptionist arrived, dropped off by a black van. She handed her the room list. Each room had a different price, apparently calculated by a formula that included the level, size and view.

“Un chambre with a view?” she asked.

“Oui,” the receptionist answered, and opened the drawer with the keys.

Walking up the stairs, she saw a gecko on the ceiling.

Later, after they had been at the beach, it was still there. She pointed at it.

“Gecko,” she said.

“It’s fake,” he answered.

He was probably right, she had to admit it. The gecko hadn’t moved one inch. She tried to remember the French word for gecko, but only got as far as le chien, the dog, and le chat, the cat.

“Je suis un gecko,” she whispered while they let the water rinse the salt and sand from their skin and hair. I am a gecko. Only that she wasn’t. There was no way she could rest idle for hours while hanging upside down on the ceiling. There wasn’t even a way she could rest idle in a room for longer than a sunset, or a book, or a thought.

“Let’s go somewhere for dinner,” she said.

“We could walk along the beach,” he suggested.

But there were still too many people out there, walking over the remains of sand castles, walking along the footsteps of the day. Thus it was in the night, on the way back from a restaurant called Harlequin, that they were alone at the beach.

"The moon," she said and pointed at the reflection on the water that moved in waves. For a while they walked with it, with this reflection. She tried to figure out how the light did it, how it was able to stay by their side.

"It's what light does," he said and painted circles for her in the sand. First the moon. Then the earth. Then the sun, to explain the reflection. The reflection didn’t care about the sketch, though. It simply waited for him to move on, along the beach, along the thin line of water meeting earth under the pressure of air breathed in and out by hundreds of people.

The next morning, while the sun was still a blurry spot in a bowl of fog, she went to the water, to gather the elements she wanted to save from that day:

The sand moon.

The riddle of the traveling pool of light.

And the gecko, who had changed sides while they dined, unfake after all.


Notes + links: 
  • the story was first published in juked magazine 
  • the second and third photo are actually from the very beach of the Harlequin story, but from a later visit there (the place is: Narbonne, France). 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

moon / hotel / sky

Two sky moments from friday evening - the first is a lucky shot, it happened due to arriving at a traffic light just when it went red. first i was: okay, another red light. then i looked up and smiled.

The second is the sunset, reflected in a hotel facade:

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Same place, different skies

It's April weather in full swing here in Germany. Here are some photos from a new trail I discovered last week (well, the trail isn't new, but for me it is.) This is the same place, just some days apart, and with different weather:

A nice curved walk along fields and old trees, and at the start / end, a straight part. There were dandelions in bloom all along the way, and as my theme for these days is Mandalas in all kind of different materials, I turned into a 5-year old for some minutes, and picked some dandelions, and created a "sign" with them.  (more about my mandala focus, here: Joining #the100dayproject with 100 Days of Mandalas and Gratitude


Fast forward to today: same walk, but different weather, and many of the dandelions have moved from yellow flower to fluffy white sphere. Here are some photos: 

And a nice final photo, a plant I noticed - it felt like a mandala-shaped-wink from the trail.

Tomorrow the weather will turn cloudy and rainy again, and then will keep swinging.


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Friday, April 14, 2017

Joining #the100dayproject with 100 Days of Mandalas and Gratitude

Last week, the 100 Day Project started - a free, global art project that anyone can participate in.

The challenge is simple: choose an action you'll do for 100 days, and then keep going, and share your piece daily on instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject.

First I wasn't sure if to join, and which theme to pick - I played with ideas, thinking about photography, digital art, or collages? And while pondering, I sketched a mandala - and then things fell into place for me:

The theme for me is "Mandalas", click here to see the mandalas / days so far. The plan is to experiment with the process: combine painting and mixed media, and also collage elements and digital processes. Plus, as mandalas are symbols of positivity and gratitude, and as I felt a bit low in the last weeks moodwise, I am combining the theme with gratitude.

The first mandala I created was a digital art piece, here's the note for it:
"Today I am grateful... for the internet, and the inspiration and shared creativity that comes from it with projects like the 100daysproject"

And the second mandala - still one of my favs so far - is a symbol for the upcoming days and processes:
"My piece for the 100dayproject on day #2 is a play with possibilities. The mandala I created is kind of a “meta” mandala, it’s only temporary, and includes colored pencils, feathers, pieces of paper, bits of bark… and a copy of a mandala I once painted, and one that was in a magazine."
Yesterday I reached day 10, and put together a slideshow with the first 10 pieces. I already look forward to the next 10 days.

I won't be blogging much these days, but you can find me and my daily pieces at Instagram at: lifeasjourney: 100 Days of Mandalas and Gratitude. Right now, it's a combination of mandalas, and photographs of places I visted.



Friday, April 7, 2017

april skies unplugged

Some skies from this week....

...logging into the blog, even though I knew I havn't blogged since a while, it was a surprise to see that the last entry is from a month ago. 

Interesting to see that without really planning to, I actually did a "digital fast" and unplugged from facebook, twitter and the blog, and only posted photos at Instagram every now and then.

Today I am enjoying the skies, and remembered sky friday... more skies from everywhere, over at: Skywatch Friday.