Sunday, September 18, 2016

summer's end moon

This week was special here in Middle Europe: it brought ongoing sunny and warm days. Blue skies. Warm evenings. No rain. It probably was the warmest and most stable week of the whole summer, due to some unusual wind-from-the-east, which kept the lingering rain front on the Atlantic at bay (or rather: at sea).

The moon moment above is from Thursday evening. We were sitting outside, and watched the moon rise. Knowing that soon, those days would be over. Which made me the moment even more precious. Now the clouds and the colder temperatures moved in, and the garden finally gets some rain.

There was one afternoon with clouds building, though, and with some raindrops falling - which also induced a rainbow. Then the clouds dissolved again.

We expected the weather to turn since then, and I caught the mood of the week in this small stone / tiny moment:

September rainbow:
Summer bending into
Clouds carried fromthe autumn sea…

So the rainbow also felt like the line beyond each additional sunny day turned into a gift.

And here's a note for the moon:

Last night, the rain finally arrived 
just in wrong time for sunday. 
it feels like summer's end, but who knows.
gone already are the swallows, leaving
without goodbye.

Now I looked for moon quotes, and found this one:
“Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night.” – Hal Borland

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

September, Leading to, Modpo

September. And the August-theme of noticing small moments, putting them into words and sharing them ... continues. So nice. Here's the link to the facebook group.

September brings an own theme, too, though: ModPo is back, the online Mooc of Modern Poetry. It was one of my fav courses so far, and I look forward to it. Today it is starting again, here's the welcome mail: "Dear Dorothee & all those participating in ModPo 2016: Welcome to "ModPo." We founded this community of people interested in modern and contemporary U.S. poetry five years ago and are delighted that each year more folks want to join."

And a third beautiful thing I am grateful for: we will have go to Mallorca at the end of September, for some late-summer island time. It's an idea we had last week in the Black Forest, yet we weren't sure if it would work out - but now it did.

So in celebration of all this, a poem I wrote in Mallorca once, and another photo of the horizon:


Leading to

A circle. A destination. This day.
The everlasting question: how far is it still?

My expectations. The reality of life.
The stones that count down the miles, in red paint.

Another photo of the horizon.
The fact that we are always (t)here.


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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday reflection, one year ago, and lessons in art + life

Sunday. Starting with some final hours of sun, and with a memory: a year ago, the 3rd of September was the day when my cure stay in Bad Waldsee started, and when I met the first of the others who would later would turn to friends. A good day to remember, and the others thought of it, too, and sent a message that said: "Here's to our One-Year-Day of Friendship."

After some first drops of rain, the skies cleared again, and we could sit ouside. Just some minutes later, a surprise visitor arrived: the red cat. I read in my new art book, and the combination of all was so sweet: after the mountain trips, the terrace time with a purring cat and with a really good book.

About the book: the title of it is "Akademie X - Lessons in Art + Life". It's a different kind of book, an inspirational and practical guide on how to live a creative life, with notes, reflections, advice and insights by 36 thought-provoking artists.

It's from the museum bookshop in Cologne, and I almost hadn't bought it, as it was rather large and heavy - but then I couldn't resist. And I like the way it now connects to Cologne physically.

Plus, if features the "Sun" installation of Olafur Eliasson - which was up in the Tate Turbin Hall. I hadn't seen this one, but I visited the Tate Turbin Hall several times, so there's a cross-connection to London.

And more: the publisher of the book is Phaidon Books. I know them from the Frankfurt Bookfair, they have amazing books. So now I finally have a Phaidon book myself.... and now as the rain is starting to fall, and I am inside and blogging, I just looked for their website and a feature on the book, and there actually is a video that gives an idea.

There also are 3 videos with artists:

Akademie X - Shirley Tse,  Sanford Biggers, Richard Wentworth


Flashback: The power of culture

It's still raining - and I just did a dive into old photo files, this is from 2009 - visiting the Frankfurt Bookfair, and the first hall I went to included the Phaidon stall, which gave the visit a different, more artistic/poetic spin. Here are two photos: the entry hall and phaidon books. Plus, the note I wrote after the visit, in a form of a poem:

Cathedrals of glass for all those words written
7000 publishers meeting in one place
the number of their books: uncountable

Police guards at the entry, checking bags -
- But who would bring a bomb to a book fair?
- Well...

I dive into hall after hall, into lakes of words and sound
Chinese poetry live, textcontext, forum book,
Prix nobel 2009, du monde entier a-z

Outside, a circusstyle reading tent, cup of coffee for 1.50,
Live words for free: Anthony McCarten: Show of Hands,
Leon de Winter: Recht auf Rückkehr.

In between halls, gateways of thought, words on a poster:
Der Kultur der Macht / die Macht der Kultur entgegensetzen
Contradict the Culture of Power / With the Power of Culture.

I move on, into other worlds, into installations of ink on paper,
Try to trace the line between fiction and fact,
And reach the fine hall of art,

So many different
Keys to this world
In lines on paper


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Black Forest skies: Following mountain roads to a place called "Schauinsland" - "lookintotheland". Panorama views, sun through trees, a larger horizon. And up there: peace. For all.

Standing there, I had this thought that thousands of years ago, this already was a place where people walked to, and stood, and gazed at the horizon, and thought about life. 

Up there, some steps from the trail, there's a monument, with a memorial plate:
Frieden den Lebenden / Frieden den Toten
Peace for the ones alive / Peace for the ones dead.


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

awake august ending

In the blue mountains. With sunshine. 
A mosaic of stones / a mosaic of moments. 
New directions and this vibe of timeless time.

Today: the last day of august. Awakeaugust ending officially.
Still feeling the mountain energy, those wider horizons. Or maybe it have not been the mountains that triggered this feeling, but all those tiny august moments before them, and the noticing and sharing, that made the difference, I will miss the awakeaugust group.

A thought I had today: that I want to try and keep the habit for myself, to notice small stones. Maybe try the direct blog-from-mobile-phone option for it, which keeps the moment more in the moment.