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Sunday, July 6, 2014

july sun/day

today: summer full on. 34°C. the fields turning yellow.

it's hard to believe that the weather is about to turn: tonight will bring thunderstorms and dropping temperatures, and from tuesday onwards, there will be nothing but rain.


inspired by photo friday: "Sunlight". more sunlight from everywhere can be found here.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

blue rain green sunday

sunday. rainy. which at least will make the garden happy, after weeks with not enough rain. and in that way, the blue sunday rain connects to the photo friday theme of this week: green.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


in this week of complexity, photo friday brings the counterpart theme: simplicity

half moon in sky
a road like a painting

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

island / home / sky

it's double sky friday: there's the weekly sky friday linkup, and in addition, photo friday has the theme "skies" this week. so here, 2 skies for both:

an island sky moment from Mallorca
it's just a month since i've been there. feels longer & further away.

home sky from this week
with full moon, and clouds of all kinds passing through

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Have a beautiful sky week ~

Saturday, May 31, 2014

walking journeys + landart: Germany, London, and beyond

Trying to make space and time for mini-trips and for art -  that's what I started in January, and each time, I was glad for it. Here's the next visit, a special one. Such a gift to finally be able to see this landart / walking art, and with it, return to memories of London and find art videos. (and such a good fit for the current photo friday theme "Movement", too).

Walking Transformation
Landart of the different kind: walking through the exhibition “Walking Transformation” with works by artist Hamish Fulton. The exhibition is indoors, in the Villa Merkel, an old gallery near here. The concept of the works are both easy and difficult to put into words: art that shows the experience of walking.

Here's a bit from the exhibtion website:
"For more than forty years now, Hamish Fulton has been transferring the act of moving on foot into an art form―namely the Walks. He creates works of art while walking. He undertakes Walks on all the continents of the Earth, for instance “From Coast to Coast” across the islands of Great Britain. Hamish Fulton transforms the experiences he has during these journeys. On the basis of drawings and photographs collected during the Walks, he designs wall drawings, murals, photographs, texts, and also objects." (more)
And here's a collage of Fulton's work, which was part of the exhibition itself. The image/line that stood out for me, that i returned to, to note down: "An object cannot compete with an experience".

Fulton's landart is both natural and experimental, and radical: the only art he creates. He stated: "My artform is the short journey - made by walking in the landscape." His work is guided by the stipulation: "Only art resulting from the experience of individual walks." 

Walking through the rooms, walking from walk to walk, it brought back the memories of own walks. The spareness of room and colour made each stand out, and gave space to all the colours that are out there, beyond the words.

Another thing that was special about this exhibition: The works of art were painted directly on the walls. Just some photos were included in the classic framed way. Like a walk, this exhibition is mostly immaterial and temporary, and at the same time leaves an own kind of imprint.

...I looked for a video, and there is one from an exhibition in the South of France in November 2013. It includes an interview and several of the works I saw, too.


Meanwhile, outside
The gallery is part of a park, which borders to the river Neckar - if you look out of the gallery windows, you see the river, and a walkway. That's where I walked along after the exhibition. And then had to smile: this riverside walkway, it is part of the Jakobsweg - the net of pilgrim ways that lead to Santiago de Compostella. Talk about walking....

Back home, I looked for my first encounter with Hamish Fulton. That was in London. After my journey to India. Here's the quote that goes with it:
"Nothing stays the same. Everything is changing. One thing leads to another. Here we go again."
And here's the diary note from back then. 2004 that was. Just took 10 years to finally see Fulton myself..:


Summer 2004
You have to walk

Visiting London again. The last time I've been here, I mainly took the tube to get from one place to another. This time, I walked, due to the advice of Lucien, a fellow traveller that I met in Udaipur. "Let me know if you visit London", he said. And so it happened: from tea talk on a roof top in India, to Falaffel and Lebanese Latte in Edgeware Road. When we parted, I asked him which Underground I should take to get to the Thames. And he said: "You have to walk", and then insisted: "It is not far, and you have to walk"

So i did, and it was great. I walked all the way to Trafalgar Square, through Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace, and on through St. James Park, and loved it.

The wind was playing with the autumn leaves, and the sights along the way where so London. And i almost missed all of them, had it not been to the travel advice that felt like a wink from India.

The next day, for the end of my trip, I walked across Millennium Bridge, to visit Tate Gallery.

It was there that I saw the art book: "Walking Journey" from Hamish Fulton, an artist I didn't know back then. But the book, I just had to buy it after seeing the images of the journeys and the art he makes: "Walking slowly on the Condor's outline - Nazca Desert Peru 1972". Or this one: "Seven winds seven twigs seven paths - seven days walking and seven nights camping in a wood Scotland March 1985"


Tate: Hamish Fulton Slowalk 

Fulton also has started to organize collective walks - here's the first I saw, of all places it happened right inside Tate: "In 2011, Tate hosted a Slowalk staged by Hamish Fulton as as a public gesture of solidarity towards Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and his right to freedom of expression."


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Friday, May 30, 2014

links that touched me + 2 perspectives

the new photo friday theme is "Perspective" - which inspired the following 2 pictures, both taken at the very same place, just looking in different directions. this is the Randecker Maar, an ancient vulcano area near here:

and while out there, i remembered a series of link-posts i startd in January, each giving an interesting / new / unexpected perspective on a theme - here is the next one:

links that touched me

when i come across an interesting link / video / story that touches me, i copy the link to blog about it a later point. yet by then, there's already another interesting link that is waiting... to keep the links from vanishing unblogged, i now started this "links-that-touched-me" series.

and here is the "other" perspective - a walkway along the Randecker Maar (which means: along the ancient vulcano):

Saturday, May 17, 2014

early morning sky / ocean moment

Early morning mood at the bay of Pollenca, in the North of Mallorca island. the boat is a fisher boat. And the small dot near it - i first thought it's a bird or a fish, but then realized it's a swimmer, training for the upcoming triathlon.

Usually the bay is clear, but that mornign, there was a mist cloud hovering over one side of it. I also tried a brief video, interesting how the same scene looks different in it with the slightly larger angle:

& Journeys...
It's one week now that I returned from there. The sunny island moments are still rather present (here are more moments from Mallorca), especially with all the rain and clouds this week brought. Somehow it feels, April and May switched places in Europe.
And while uploading the video and playing it to check, this travel video came up in the youtube sidebar: Manasarovar - Episode 7 of Isha Kailash Travel Journal 2010 ... ah, journeys.


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Have a beautiful sky week ~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 shadows (or: to be there now again)

it's thursday already.. so before the next photo friday theme goes online, here a series of  photos for the current theme: "Shadows": 3 moments from Mallorca:

the long stairway of Pollenca - with a light effect: i didn't fully notice the shadows
when walking up the stairs. interesting how reality looks different in a photograph sometimes,
and shifts the focus a bit.   

another shadow-moment: walking through a park with sculptures,
and arriving at this group. they almost felt alive, like in: "will they move when no one is looking?"

a parasol at the pine walk bay

and so lovely, to revisit those sunny moments on this rainy thursday morning. 


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

rose garden moments (signs of summer)

Sometimes the best things to find on a journey are the ones you didn't even know about - today i went to visit a place at the bay, and arriving there, i saw the sign "Rose Garden". So amazing, to see this abundance of roses at the start of May:

and here's the entry to the garden:

and another photo: 

Walking along the garden paths felt like walking along a string of summer. 
Also, it made me think of my garden back home. The peonies are probably starting to bloom there.

The rose photo is my contribution for this week's photo friday theme:  "Signs of Summer". more signs, here at photo friday, and more moments from Mallorca here in this blog.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

still life / s t i l l e b e n

last week's photo friday theme was: "Still Life". today, just before the next theme arrives, i found the photos for it: this is in the CCA museum for modern art in Mallorca:

(museum courtyard)

(exhibition: "Just Add Water")

(in the museum café, reading an art book by the Danish artist Anne Tholstrup..
...and arriving at this page" S T I L L E B E N"
which is German for "Still Life")

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sky Textures

It's friday - and it's grey and overcast... but i still have this sky photo from last week, from a drive along the "Alb" plateau near here, which also fits the photo friday theme, "Textures":

And here's a highly "Textured" version of the image:  


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Have a beautiful sky week ~

Saturday, April 12, 2014

sky / photo friday: cherry april sky

For sky friday & photo friday this week: 3 combined photos from an april walk...

Last year, april was too cold, following a march that still came with snow. Now it seems, the skies want to make up for that: spring is earlier than usual, the cherry trees and tulips are in bloom already. Walking through fields feels like walking through may. Such a joy.

The second photo is from the same place, just another direction:

And this is yet a bit further down the walk, just some minutes later:

While the skies are open, I am a bit snowed under with work and projects and deadlines, but in a good way. Also, I was away for two days this week, for a web / work project. More about that, tomorrow. Now, for some chocolate ice in the sun - the joy of simple pleasures.


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Have a glorious sky week, everyone~

Sunday, April 6, 2014

reflecting the reflection

the new theme of photo friday is "Reflection". it's similar to a recent photo challenge. So i tried something different now, inspired by an art lecture on surrealism: mirror photos:

and here's the definition of surrealism:
"Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s. The aim was to "resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality." Artists painted unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision... (more here)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my obsession?..., and: seeing a meteor!

"Some call it obsessed. I call it dedicated."

The line, it came to mind when I read the new photo friday theme: "My Obsession". Which poses an interesting question: Which obsessions do i have?

Photography, probably. I am not writing much these days (apart from blog posts), but I keep taking pictures of moments, of places. Sky pictures. Road pictures. Tree pictures. If I don't feel like going to a place or event, a main motivator is: I can take my camera along, take some pictures. Which then makes me add short stops to my way.. and those sometimes turn into beautiful pauses, like the one above.

In other news, i saw my first meteor: on Monday evening, after a long day of obstacles for both of us, we both felt like going for a walk even though it was late. Turned out, the obstacles provided the perfect timing:

Up there, on the way that leads along farm fields, we saw a huge, bright shining light in the sky. “Look”, we both said, standing amazed, looking at something we couldn't figure out: strange fireworks? A plane about to go down? A low-flying shooting star, moving towards us?

It came closer and closer, then crossed almost above us, and we turned, to see it flying onwards, towards the horizon: “A meteor?!” we finally guessed and tried a photo that doesn't really give any idea of its beauty and strangeness and energy:

Back home I looked for meteor sighting notes, and found a website run by people who are dedicated to (obsessed by :) them. Turned out, yes, others have seen it, too: there was a note from someone in Heidelberg, then one from someone in Stuttgart – which creates a line to our sighting… and there was someone in a sky obversatory in Ulm who caught it on their sky-camera, scroll down here: Forum.meteoros: Grüner Meteor / Green Meteor

Still amazed by it, like i am so often by the sky and its changing nature.


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Monday, March 24, 2014

petals above, petals below

the new theme of photo friday is "flowering". today is all rainy and grey, but the first day of spring came with blue skies and flowering trees. here's a photo:


in addition. a video that catches the mood of looking up on a day like this:



... and here's the counterpart view, looking down:

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a photo of "alive"

the new photo friday theme is "alive". how to put that word in a picture? maybe like this: a moment that includes the life energies of water, earth, sun, and air... and some living ducks:

and as a main element of being alive is movement, here a video version of that moment.. the video also reveals more of this place - which is actually in an industrial zone.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

moon sliver

for skywatch friday: frosty morning, with a moon sliver.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

he tree, or: male

photo friday's new theme is: "male". not so easy, as i only rarely take photos of people. but then i found a male photo...

trees are male in German, they are called: "der Baum" - "he tree".

the tree in the photo comes with an unique detail:
do you see the little box in the middle of it?
it's the first time i saw something like that, here's a close-up:

it's a bat-home! 
by the way, bats are female in German: "die Fledermaus" - "she bat" 


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Friday, February 21, 2014

morning sky

for skywatch friday: a sunrise moment from this week, almost like painted.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

landscape 2014

it's a busy busy week here, but i don't want to miss photo friday with its theme "Landscape 2014", so here is my contribution: a sunset at the power station with a slightly romantic and apocalyptic touch, depending how you look at it.