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Saturday, June 4, 2011

8 windows from 8 countries + 100 days

8 windows from 8 countries
the new issue of YB is online. the theme: windows. as in: "Yah, windows! Well, where to start? New ones kept revealing themselves.."and they did. i looked for some possible images to send as submission, and from them, the idea for a window gallery developed: 8 windows from 8 countries.

for a larger view with some extra information, try this link:
Windows Gallery (full size with links)

to put the gallery together, i browsed the photo files from past journeys, and looked at them from a very different angle (or: thematic window). which lead to:

100 days
this expedition into my own photo files - where i came to revisit photos i had almost forgotten about  - opened the "window" to participate in this year's 100days project, and continue the photo journey there with changing themes, but with the same take: revisiting from a new angle. here's the blog link:

p art ici patio n - 100 days of daily photos

in the last couple of days, the approach brought me to: Bratislava/Slovakia, Mallorca/Spain, my own backyard 2 years ago, a Roman park 2 towns from here, and Leipzig. and this is only day 14. so much more to come.

Friday, February 18, 2011


today: picking up the asemic dialogue of images in foffof:
- what the difference?
- glyph tricks
... talka(c)tive

Monday, December 6, 2010

Melusine: Crow Woman & 11 Messages

today: snow, mails, notes
today: sketching a rough plan for this day, for this week
today: realizing it's Santa Claus ("Nikolaustag")
today: moving from journey to journey

i still havn't fully returned from Lanzarote. and thus it fits in its own way that today takes me back to Bratislava - this capital of Slovakia, visited in June, by the chance of a tourist ticket as side trip of Vienna. while exploring the place, i took a photo of a fascinating statue which is located on a hill above the city. i tried to find out more about this statue, the name of it, the name of the artist, the story of it, but had no luck. it's probably in the web, but in Slovakian language. for me, it's "Crow Woman". it's up now in the new Melusine winter issue, as cover image. (click to enlarge).

there's a second image of Crow Woman included in the Melusine poetry section - i especially was moved by the combination with R. Riekki's poem "Ann Beattie":

I read her stories. They snatch
away at the truth. She used to look

out the window during class.
Birds flew by with the intensity of heat.

and one more photo link: a suprise home moment, taken from the window here on a summer day, and now matching the catch-up-mood of today: 11 Messages. the photo is combined with a flash story i wrote: Retro.

when visiting Melusine, make sure to also stop by at Melusine blog, it includes guest reviews and essays, with a focus on female authors.  and here, the legend of Melusine, a figure of legend who is sometimes illustrated with wings. hadn't realized this. maybe there even is a relation to Crow Woman.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Referential: Stepping Out

(click for full size)

one of my photos went live in Referential Magazine: "Stepping Out".

the photo is from Prague. the fabulous story it connects to is from James Valvis, it's titled: “Someday You’ll Understand” – i read it last month, and was tempted to find a matching image, picked up on the graveyard setting it includes, and then came across this image with the gate, and the different options of ways to take.

the thing about the image is: i have no real memory of taking it, of the place and moment. it's from Prague, that much i know, as it belongs to the Prague photo file, and next to it are the photos i took before and after - i now put them up as triptychon, which lead to an interesting combination of lines and angles.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shine Journal: the fence + Light 1, 2

the new issue of Shine is online - and includes my poem "the fence", and 2 photos "Light 1" and "Light 2" - here's the page: Shine / Dorothee Lang.

such a beautiful layout, and exciting to see the "Light" photos there, enhanced by the black background, and in correspondence with the white water lily.

here'a bit of background (this will also appear soon on the Shine page as footnote):
Both the images and the poem were inspired by the garden here. I wrote the poem as part of a daily poetry month, which let me pick up moments / emotions and work with them. The photos were inspired by a september day that came with a blazing blue sky. The leaves belong to iris flowers, the petal stem in “Light 2” is a gladiolus. It’s one of the things that keeps amazing me: the details of growth.

following the theme of corresponding images - make sure to visit the page of Shine's arist in residence, Megan Anne Metzelaar - you'll find sky photos, peony close-ups, and tulip light photos: Showing, February - August

Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009


webpage of the day:

a blog for lovely, intelligent, attractive people just like you!

(i came across lemonlight through photo friday. discovering webpages is one of the interesting side effects of photo friday.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

3191 - a year of evenings

webpage of the day:

3191 - a year of evenings
a collaborative photoblog

this is a webpages i discovered last year. great to see that the virtual project now turned into a book.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

daily walks

webpage of the day:

daily walks
photography by Diane Varner

"I've discovered that while paying attention to the small but miraculous details of nature, one can actually tap into the beauty and expansiveness that exists within each of us." - D. Varner

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"Starting a new photoblog is quick and easy."

this line, together with a blog post somewhere, about taking one photo a day, somehow did it.

so i started it. a photoblog. which basically is a blog for photos. just like the name says it. you can make one post a day,with several photos. plus, (and that's the e-thingie that got me), they have a calendar page. clicking on the dates, you can visit the photos uploaded that day.

not sure if the theme of the week is really on time for me, though: it's "Hot". while my first entry of the photoblog announces the end of summer.

here the website:
and here my first photoblog photo:
end of summer

Friday, August 1, 2008

pequin: fountain light

"The photos we like tend to focus on carefully composed things of nature, unlikely and unusual people/places/things, rooms, reflections, and otherwise suggestive, off-center, often indistinct subject matter. "

it was this line in the guidelines that made me send a slightly angled and cut-up photo to Pequin, the magazine of 1000 word writing.

the thing about the photo moment is that i was so wrapped up in the water reflection that i ignored the upper half of the water fountain. out came a photo named "fountain light".

it's up here, combined with a story by John Matthews - "My War".

interesting, now after the work on issue 17 of blueprintreview, after looking for photo-text matches and sending out links, to be on the receiving side of this process, to be the one who clicks a link, and finds her work on a page someone else put together.

another interesting detail: the place where i took the fountain photo - it's also the place the cover photo of blueprintreview 17 is coming from: the opera house in stuttgart. the date: 1st of july. exactly a month ago. good that it didn't rain on that day.